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Better Graphics, More content, and even greater music. We are working hard to actually make something semi-artistic out of this former joke.

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Hello, and good day. It is me, Josh, here with more news on Buddhism: The Videogame. Well, we've actually done quite a bit of work in the realm of graphics and gameplay, so here's a quick look at the things we've added.

So, we have gotten rid of the annoying two button arrow key press in favor of a spacebar that you press repeatedly. This stops the hand cramps and can make the game more relaxing with the monotonous movement.

So far we've had a graphics overhaul. It wasn't easy but we made some slightly better looking background sprites to help a little bit with the aesthetics. We've also added a very basic lighting system in the background. This means that if there is a village in the background that would light up at night, you will see this village light up. We hope to have a lot of things going on in the background as you progress through the levels.

We have redone what we think progression should be and are discussing ideas on where we want to take the story, it's all very WIP right now but it shows some promise.

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