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An Update for the Community! We are updating the mod so that you may enjoy a much better RP Experience

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Hey! I got some important news regarding the mod! So I have been talking to a coder and he is adding in two features to the mod! One you will no longer see the team kill messages witch will greatly clear up chat and two! You can now see everyone's name no matter what team they are on to avoid confusion! the mod will be updated soon thanks for playing-Felix SO

In the mean time i also have plans on the following for the mod:

Local Chat-Probably will not happen

New Skins *Muslim Skins*-Maybe

Server Side Events *Npcs,spawning cannons*-Probably *Hat man says he might wanna do it*

New way to heal-*Look down at the food that's placed and hold f and it heals you over time while making you do an animation* Maybe???

Some new weps-Maybe???

Edited Classes-Yes

That's all i have to say at this point...this update will be major and will help the rp out a lot more making it easier to communicate and what not! Anyways have a good day!

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