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We are in the process of changing the setting of Uprise from summer Minnesota to late Fall/early Winter Minnesota. We are also changing the scope of each level to have a 5-10 minute play time. Due to having to revise the episode, the release is going to be pushed back, and the current ETA is June. I have uploaded some new WIP screenshots to give you a flavor of what the season change will look like.

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The reasons for the season change are for visual aesthetics, but I also wanted to capture a Minnesota winter and differentiate it from the "Frozen" levels already seen in Crysis.

The reason for the scope change is that I am using these levels in my design portfolio and would rather make a 5-10 minute very polished experience rather than a 30 minute level which is not as polished. We have the content at this point to fill about 30 minutes of game-play time, but we are currently re-arranging and refining the content to spread across more than one level. We hope this will provide a more focused and fun game-play session for the player.

Unfortunately we have had to push the release date back, and a conservative ETA is sometime in June.

In the mean time please check out some WIP screenshots of the new season, as well as a sample of the music that will be used in the episode.

I will be updating this site frequently in the coming weeks before release with media and some story content. Since it is a short game I don't want to give too much away, but the story is going to be revealed in game through the voice dialogue, much like a film. No lengthy intro cut-scenes, you get right into the action!

What I will say is you assume the role of a resistence soldier in the near future, who is fighting to drive an occupying force out of northern Minnesota. You have successfully stolen a piece of technology from one of their labs that could turn the tide of the war. Your goal in Uprise Ep 1. is to get that technology to the safety of a hidden resistence lab.

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