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I'm back with some news today. Check out the results so far! :)

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Hey fans, it's time to reveal some new content i've created

Smythos got some more visual improvements and more content as well.
+ added some more sound effects and ambient sounds to fit to the area where you are.

Let's start with visual improvements

At first i've recreated the login screen (again..) In settings you can increase the graphics as well. (on screen theese are "Medium" settings and still look good in my opinion)

Smythos 2017 09 29 00 57 18 21

Character selection/creation looks much simpler and better now

Smythos 2017 09 29 00 58 07 49

Some more game mecanics

When you create your character you start blank, the game will progress your device time in realtime and will set the daytime ingame to the exact time of your machine, for example its now 8:00PM or 20:00 the sky will be pretty dark.

Smythos 2017 09 29 00 58 58 86

Some places and areas in Smythos may be pretty dark and could be scary sometimes, to avoid that, you need to equip a latern for traveling at night. Almost ANY zone (instances are excluded) are oriented to your time.

Smythos 2017 09 29 00 59 11 83

Much better now. :)

Smythos 2017 09 29 00 59 23 93

Grass and other objects are also affected by your light.

Smythos 2017 09 29 00 59 49 19

Here's an example how dark a zone can get be, so group up with a friend and help each other to see more. :)

Smythos 2017 09 29 01 06 30 00

Now you can create guilds, add your friends by typing the name in the popup box or simply target him and click "Add Member" and he got an invite to your guild.

Smythos 2017 09 29 01 00 02 41

Thats all for now, i cant proove you an exact ETA for the next BETA.

But, all i can say is that, it shouldnt be so long anymore. Give me 1-2 moths more and we are ready to go live on Windows and Android!

Leave me a message or comment and we can discuss, hope you liked this article, i'm now focused to bring Smythos to alive and want to be much more active here on indieDB.

Thanks for reading! :)

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