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So I'm telling you whats happens now with the Game and why.

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So after working a bit on this..sadly to say I will take it momentarly on a Hold. I will upload my Progress here as lets call "Open Source" so if someone want to make it further while I cant, please do it. Maybe you get something new in it or Upgrade it a bit.

I tried to work a bit on it but my boredom took a bit over after working alone on it and the rest of the Team had no time at all. So its just paused by me and I will get back to it but not to soon. Sorry for that, was a good start an all but the motivation lacks a bit If you build something like this alone.

Hope you all have a nice and happy Christmas and a good new year. I'm reachable here on IndieDB an ModDB for more Information about my code and so on.

(The Upload of the Sourcefiles will be soon online just need to clean it a bit up)

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