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Progress is slowly going in, but it's all coming together. A first look on a few new models, and about a few changes that had to be made.

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Here is a anticipated look on the new models for Tyrannosaurus rex , Spinosaurus and Brachiosaurus

blender 2020 12 31 17 11 02 55

blender 2020 12 29 23 53 15 43

blender 2020 12 31 15 55 43 20

Recently a few changes were made on the dinosaur list, and because of certain limitations We had to remove some dinosaurs, those will likely return as replacements for certain dinosaurs similiar to them in the future after the mod is released with addons. Those are for now:

Sellosaurus, Anatotitan, Altirhinus, Seismosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Zhuchengtyrannus, Astrodon, Lusotitan, Brontosaurus, Mapusaurus, Citipati, Hypsilophodon, Saurophaganax, Scolosaurus, Saurolophus.

Furtunately there are in return, 3 new dinosaurs joined JPOG: The Original One, they are:

blender 2020 12 31 21 31 25 46 Majungasaurus

blender 2020 12 31 21 02 31 51Latenivenatrix

blender 2020 12 31 21 02 51 43Troodon(skin is a placeholder)

Release date is still TBD, can't do any estimates for now

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