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I make good progress in ue4 so far, that i could reactivate an old idea.

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Sample Player - Metronom -

Drumcommander - Drumstick Info

Hi @ll,

summstick beams lkuftbauch

some time ago, i wanted to make something like a virtual orchestra.
Idea posted on DA, some time ago.

apple born by luftbauch d82o51c

I think, i am on a good way, to accomplish the task.
The meshes i have to remesh and recreate, but no biggie, simple stuff, but needs to be well planned, because of modularity and reusability for me, inside Beams.

Ok, so i started, recreating assets, like morphing drums:

morphing drums beams

But when you have some sort of orchestra, you need a metronome and a visible one, would be nice, i thought.
I would like to implement audio into gameplay in Beams, we will see, where this idea ends.

Think of it, as a sampleplayer, forgot the name, had one on C64 and amiga 1200, so far i could remember.
Load samples with connected morphs..
Here the "metronome aka Summstick" still picture:

summstick update beams

Here with sound :)

Tell me, what you think. :)

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