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This article showcases every detail that we have missed out on and an update.

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Let me preface this article by saying the following:

This mod is not ambitious, but it does aim for certain qualities and standards that we have tried to meet so far. As we are busy with school or other preoccupations, we find that it is hard to keep up the development of this mod. If you'd like to assist us, please contact our Discord:


Vite's discord can be found here:<

I have been working on and off on this little project over 7 full years. I picked it up but we quickly lost interest.

Worry not!

Below is a list of material that currently exists within the mod, its implementation status, and sources for their assets.

Berserk Pack - Functional, sprite edited by Vite.

Front Scout's Boots - Functional, sprite from Hexen and edited by Razur.

Detox Vial - Unimplemented, unlikely to be implemented with its original purpose. Sprite from Hexen and edited by Razur.

Acolyte's Bracers - Mostly functional, powered Punch Dagger doesn't seem to function properly on enemy variants in latest GZDoom, works properly in Zandronum. Only the Punch Dagger, Assault Gun, and Grenade Launcher currently have a powered version.

Powered Punch Dagger - Hit sounds mixed from Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Powered Assault Gun - Firing sound from Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. Bullet puffs from Marathon. Shell casings from Smooth Doom.

Powered Grenade Launcher - Firing sound from Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. Explosion sounds ripped from Point of Existence mod for Battlefield Vietnam, source unknown.

Powered Flamer - Not yet created, but assets intended for it are in the file. Firing sound from Team Fortress 2. Projectile sprites from Doom 2.

Superior Sigil - Functional, all assets are placeholder.

Map01 - E1M1 from Heretic, The Docks. Complete.

Map02 - Map01 from Doom 2, Entryway. Complete*.

Map03 - E1M1 from Doom, Hangar. Complete.

Map04 - E1M1 from Chex Quest, Landing Zone. Complete*

Map05 - Map01 from HacX, GenEmp Corp.

Map06 - Not yet replaced.

Map07 - Not yet replaced.

Map08 - MAP01 from Harmony, Abduction. Incomplete.

Map09 - E1M2 from Blasphemer, [untitled]. Incomplete.

Map10 - E1M1 from Wolfenstein 3D. Incomplete.

Map11 - E1M9 from Wolfenstein 3D. Incomplete.

All maps are subject to change.

*Needs fixes.

I'd like to mention the fact that we have had certain plans to implement content, such as:

  • Finish retexturing and readjusting the individual maps. Add more maps, potentially up to 30.
  • Adjust new sounds to better match the standard of original Strife sounds.
  • New TITLEMAP and intermission screen.
  • Display map name on level start.
  • Add more custom weapons, items and powerups.
    • Suppressed Pistol
    • Acolyte Shield
    • Remote Explosive
    • Deployable Turret
    • Phosphorus Grenades (50% Weaker)
    • Repulsor Module for Mauler. Deals no direct damage but can be used to reflect projectiles, knock down Acolytes, and launch the user.
    • EMP Grenade (or some sort of grenade)
  • Implement a custom startup loading screen + header.
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