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A new patch with a huge amount of new content like new hunting zones, mobs, items and quests available. The christmas event was closed, we hope you have enjoyed while It lasted, have fun!.

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We rebalanced all Necklaces and Rings of the game

We rebalanced all NPCs of the game

New enemies: Murken(21), Tombie(22) and Cuica(23)

New quests available:

• The Dangerous Earthworms

• Tombies Invasion

New hunting zone availlable: Cave of Gea

Implemented the Escape Menu, a menu with some useful shortcuts

Player information now show the item description of equipment slot

The Christmas event zone was closed

Master Gumby balance:

• Damage increased from 18 to 20

• Range reduced from 5 to 3

• Magic damage reduced from 20 to 10

• HP reduced from 4500 to 3000

• Arrow Rain skill damage reduced from 5 to 3

• Summon skill cooldown increased from 7 to 12 seconds

• EXP reduced from 350 to 250

The dialog of Mentor Gumby has improved

The stats requirements of all clases was changed


FIX: Unable to click sometimes on quests in the quest book

FIX: Water reflection keeps even if the player has died

FIX: Honor points not updated in the player information interface

FIX: Sometimes not able to drop or raise honor points

FIX: Kaled shows always a quest icons

FIX: The Konji´s card not dropped by the Konji

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