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New map "Cargo Ship". New PvP mode. Changes in match making. Juggernaut class armor.

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• New location: Cargo ship. It includes three different playable maps in same time. All of them are available in PVE mode and one of them in PVP mode.
• On the screenshot: a brand new avatar helmet – the "Phantom" hood. Only for Scout class.

New PvP
Earlier we had many PvP modes. Someone liked duels, someone - "teammates", and someone - only big team fights. Players had to wait a long time to join the battle in each separate mode. Now we present one and essentially new PvP mode, which unites together all other modes. Its cardinal difference – not the players pass their turn, but the mercenaries! Each merc plays its turn like a separate player. Now you can take any number of mercenaries and join the big team battle (4 vs 4 pet battle), which goes by the rules of the "Checkpoints" event. The rules are:
On the map, at random place there will appear checkpoints, which you can capture. The current active point and the next one that will be available to the following are always visible. If one of the teams will take all the 3 points, it wins. For the victory in this mode there's also enough just to eliminate the enemy team.

Changes in match making
• The match making method is changed and the restrictions now include not only the mercenary level but also its equipment level, quality and the pvp experience (rank) of the player.
• Restriction on the mercenaries range for the player or for the squad is removed. You can choose weak pets, but at your own risk.

Now, when the flow of players is getting into one queue, there is an opportunity to make new criteria of selection. The team will be arranged not by level, but at once in a number of parameters, which develop into "power". It considers: the player's rank, the mercenary level, equipped items level, equipped items quality, presence of the full group.

Team joining has to become quicker and more balanced now.

PvP rewards are changed and increased
Following the new rules of battle joining, HP and resistance bonuses due to level and rank difference have been removed.
Reward coefficients for the average level, levels and rank differences are removed from PvP mode. Instead of that there are introduced "power" related bonuses. And in addition for PvP mode the total damage, victory, time and team bonus rewards are increased.

"PvP Challenge" quest was changed according new PvP mode. Also the cyclic achievements for PvP victories (the stars) from old PvP modes are removed.

Juggernaut class armor
A new armor for the Juggernaut class is introduced. It is heavy armor, giving more protection, than other suits, but decreasing mobility (by 10%/9%/8% for I/II/III respectively). As well as earlier, there are 7 items added up: 3 usual armors, 3 prime armors and a helmet.
The usual class armor is available at the NPC shop for game credits, at the loot and at the craft.
The prime class armor of green grade is available for gold, same of blue grade – for platinum ("Etc. items" tab). All Prime armors is on sale as a set with the new class helmet, has additional 3% resistance to bullets and the visual power shield, flashing at hit.

Other changes
• The EMP-grenade imposes 5% mobility penalty on everyone in the explosion radius. Throw distance: 15m ---> 20m, explosion radius: 12m ---> 15m.
• Spider mines: accuracy +10.
• "Dirty Rebis". Duration: 1 ---> 2 turns, resistance: -10% ---> -15%.
• Now the effect of "Inspiration" skill is forced out by effect of "Sprint" skill.
• At peaceful locations it was added an arrow for the beginners, pointing the direction to the next character with a campaign quest.
• At the squad inventory window there has been added the special icon, marking the characters entering into active squad.
• The "Lock" button has been added up to replays, which allows to start cam track together with the replay and to return to the remembered frame after the cam track ends.
• The menu of a title choice was transferred from the squad window to the NPC agent window.
• A compass has been added to the global map.
• A new and very dangerous sample has escaped from Atanor Labs: Acid Freak, which shoots back acid far and painful.
• The global map revealing and availability of gangs to attack are now connected with the campaign.
• In the marked items manager window there has been added a numerical display of their quantity.
• In the clan abilities window the clan icon is now drawn.
• The animation of shell extraction is temporarily disabled.

Other fixes
• Peaceful locations are optimized; it will increase the average FPS on low-end systems.
• The visibility assessment when firing through obstacles has been fixed.
• RPG\Grenade launcher missiles passing through lattices are fixed.
• Now in a fitting room the character always holds the weapon as it should be held.
• Now one line of items contains 4 elements at the NPC shops (instead of 3, as it was earlier)
• The bug with a double click on rebis injections in inventory resulting the one syringe was automatically spent for pet healing, has been fixed.
• Being stuck on a ladder, if there is Molotov cocktail or Rebis clouds block the ladder, has been fixed.
• The bug, when the repeated party invitation didn't show a party window, has been fixed.
• The clan icon, next to the nickname above a character, has been placed correctly.
• A possibility to shoot your self in the leg, when sitting, has been fixed.
• A too long camera stoppage at the battle-intro has been fixed.
• Different maps editing according to players reviews.
• The DSR50 bipods has been folded.

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