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anothe list of updates and is how every update is going to be presented from know on

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From now on this is how the updates are going to be presented :

:: Grenades given at startup aswell as pistol (90%) - because of the
new use system they cant be automaticly picked up without press use to
get them

:: Weapon use system (99%)
:: Hopwire (100%)
:: Grapple hook (100%)
:: Lower weapon on sprint (100%)

:: Grenade, Vortex grenade and claymore counter (70%) - need to make this for hopwire and claymore (once made)

:: Barriers (70%) - i am still unsure about these and havent really
touched them, there state at the min is fine but is still dodgy after
copying a pasteing it to another window.

:: Maps (80%) - the windows wont work properly after copying and
pasting so that cant be done untill i fix it but i will add the buyable
guns and debris soon.

:: Zombies (90%) - i have had a go at making them follow you all the time and i am nearly there

:: Rounds (50%) - i have created a round counter and a way to add
rounds in maps ect the only problem that i have only just thought about
is getting them stronger every round i suppose i could get the round
number and times it by something.

:: Knifing (0%) - (NEED MODELLER)
:: Pack a punch (0%) - (NEED MODELLER)
:: Mystery box (0%) - (NEED MODELLER)
:: Sodas (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) - cant use PHD flopper

::Teleporters (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) the actual teleport bit should be easy. Also on the Vortex grenade i want to add a thing when it sucks you in it telports you like in

:: Ironsights (0%) - gonna start this today

:: Turrets (0%) - this is just a idea were you can build turrets like
sentry guns that get destroyed when there ammo is run out, but would be
easy to add as the combine turret can be changed to be good ect. (tell
me what you think)

:: Death Machine (0%) - another idea literly its a minigun that runs
out after a certain amount of time like in COD. (NEED MODELLER)

::Flashlight weapon (10%) - (NEED MODELLER), but it would be useful for dark maps, if i dont make it
then i will keep the old one, gonna start on this know.

::Multiplayer (20%) - i have successfully created a multiplayer mod with the dedicated server.

if you want to apply to be a modeller then go to the website at : sign up and go to the apply for a position and post in the '::MODELlER::' thread.

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