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New location: Rebel Base. Class Armors, Support Class Armor, Mail, New weapons.

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Class Armor
With this update we will start introducing class specific armor. Each class will have 6 armor suits for levels 7, 10 and 13; 3 regular armor and 3 premium armor that will have a unique bonus.
The first class to receive the new armor is the Support class. Support armor is medium armor without any negative effect to mobility and includes additional slots for grenades. Previously the skill "Grenadier" provided this bonus but the skill has been removed from the skill tree.
The current armor suits are staying without any change and are available for every class, however, this armor does not provide any special bonuses.
Premium Suit Version – Prime has an alternate backlight and is equipped with a power shield "Prime", that gives regular 3% resistance to bullets and has a unique visual effect when getting wounded - the whole armor flashes a half visible shield.

Rebel Base
With this update we added a new (third) peaceful location "Rebels Base" as we continue developing the storyline.
The situation at Broxton is starting to heat up and the police have decided to do a temporary truce with the rebels to stand against mutual threats.
The "Rebels Base" is the new location for high levels (8+) and the police department will offer contracts for levels 4 - 8.
To get in to the new location you are required to complete all of the police contracts, reach level 8 and talk to the sheriff to engage/pass the storyline battle.
In the future the campaign will consist of many storyline missions that all connect to one larger story.

New Weapons
Added a new premium submachine gun the Calico M950 for levels 12+; this is the next upgrade after the UMP45. You can purchase a green grade M950 at the premium shop.

New Class Armor for Support
• Support Class Armor I, II, III
Class armor is available at the armor merchant for standard credits but it can be found on enemies or crafted.
• Support Class Prime Armor I, II, III
Green grade prime armor can be purchased with gold, blue grade can be purchased with platinum (under the different tab). When you purchase a Prime armor you will also receive the new support class helmet!

Rent for 1 day
We are experimenting with a new option that allows all of the previous rent items to have an option which extends rental time by 1 day.

The first mail system has been introduced; you can now write a letter to any player even if they are offline. You can find the mail button next to the chat window.

New channels have been added for different languages, now there are Russian, English and Polish channels.
You can now enable/disable global channels and choose to have personal messages open in a new tab; all through the general chat settings tab.

Changes to weapon balance
• Mac-11, UZI, TMP, UMP45, PP2000: Burst accuracy increased by 1-3; bullet dmg type changed to light ammo which does -15% damage at armor.
• Anti-stun Pills: Activation cost 30 - 50 AP

Interface changes
• When trading marked items an additional warning for item return availability is added.
• When trading rent items a warning regarding remaining rental days shows up.
• For skip able text a "click to continue" button will now always be available.
• A switchable confirmation option is added when redeeming items from the auction house.

Changes to missions and events
• Now after completing the starter quest "Radio Jam", new players will get a personal booster of "Medical Insurance" for 3 days.
• The event "Dancing in a minefield" now lasts 3 hours instead of 2.

Other changes
• Polish language localization has been added and the team would like to give special thanks to players DK3, Midd Le Finger, bezdech, Youang, ClusterF4ck, and AstHaven.
• New death animations have been added.
• The Anarchists have been weakened.
• Additional buff overlay mechanism has been changed; now the repeated effect applied first and the old effect is removed. This means, particularly for adrenaline, that repeated usage does not use more AP than the max.

Other fixes
• Over usage of AP would occur when moving over specific paths; this has been fixed (at least for climbing)
• Fixed the removal of buffs when crossing through two auras, such as "Nanny" and "Buddy System".
• Now the notes in the contract list are correctly saved.
• The objective list was creeping up to the mini map and has now been fixed.

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