Post news RSS Update 8/7/2015 - More Bosses!

This is a progress update for Z-Exemplar. Work is continuing apace, filling out levels and adding bosses and other surprises.

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Work on Z-Exemplar is progressing. I've recently overhauled some stuff under the hood and that's taken up a big chunk of time but I've been able to continue adding to the levels and putting in a few more bosses also.

Z-Exemplar boss

A tech level boss puts in an appearance. And he's not too happy!

Z-Exemplar boss

He tries to hide using a cloaking device but my targets are locked on to his weak spots!

Z-Exemplar boss

This flesh planet boss is one ugly mouther!

Z-Exemplar boss

Spitting? That's not nice!

Hope to have another update soon.

Thanks for looking!


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