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Updates that were posted on our Tumblr page. Our current progress and plans for our first game.

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Game Development

Justin has been re-editing Gwyn’s route to add some more flavor. He’s currently in the process of finalizing Chapter 7.

The plan for the week and a half between Noelle’s summer and fall semesters is to finish finalizing the edits of Gwyn’s route, put in the choice command script in Emil’s route and start editing the next character’s main story route.

papersweetsatelier is reading some of Gwyn’s route to get a better feel and understanding of the characters, so we can work on the sprite emotions and changes soon.

Noelle will be having a meeting with bloatedbunny and Gabriel to discuss the finer points of the game’s functions.

We have also just added a second background artist to our team since there are a lot of backgrounds in our game. The second background artist has completed one background already and working on his second. furude is working on her second background as well.

Here is Alison’s family room and kitchen by our new background artist.



We are still doing the in-character asks every Monday and Friday. We will try to answer all asks that we get. We’ve decided that we would also be adding in a keep reading link so we don’t keep cluttering people’s dashboards so much.

Game development updates will be posted on Wednesdays, and if we have no update on a Wednesday down the road somewhere, we will instead post another in-character ask in its place.


We are about to make our first posts for the game on some VN forums like lemmasoft and fuwanovel in build more awareness for A Very Important Date and gain some insight from other developers and fans to see exactly what it takes to bring all of you the best visual novel experience we possibly can.

That’s all the news for now! Tune in on Friday to see how the Looking Glass crew responds to more of your questions!

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