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Dr. Thrax implements the new Acid Bomb Truck with great success.

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It's that time again. Oh dear.

All USA Factions:

  • USA gets their own type of Shtora Defense. IR Smoke! Just like Battlefield, sort of.
  • It's available to almost every USA/USA faction vehicle. Drones not really included.
  • When used, it does two things.
  • First it makes the vehicle immune to attack for a random amount of time. 8-12 seconds.
  • Second it creates some poof smoke at the location. The smoke acts as a small ECM Jammer for incoming missiles.
  • The ECM effect of the smoke applies to allied rockets as well.
  • Reload time: 45 seconds

USA Vanilla:

  • Crusaders are faster and stronger.
  • Paladins are harder, better, faster and stronger. Just stronger, actually.

Superweapon General:

  • Exo Suit button is fixed. It always works.
  • Had to remove the Ranger and Burton taunt abilities to get those to work. Sorry about that.
  • Robo Ranger!
  • Mecha Marine!
  • And more!
  • Turning Burton into a robot turns him into Mecha Burton. Benefits from the OICW upgrade.
  • OICW upgrade arms Mecha Burton with the Giga Train Cannon. You can tell where this is going.

All GLA Factions:

  • New aircraft! Hellfire Attack Bomber!
  • It's a small agile bomber armed with a couple of all purpose weapons. Can engage ground and air targets.
  • Fires rocket propelled Demo Traps.
  • Fires hang gliding terrorists as well.
  • Hang Glider terrorist is a public model and credit goes to -=E.A.G.L.E.=- <3
  • Loses control and blows up 'for the cause' when destroyed. Be aware.
  • Kassad's variant is stealth unless attacking.


  • Where will you be when the Acid Truck hits?
  • His truck is loaded! Watch out.
  • Chemical Bunker is now a secondary Arms Dealer for new chemical warfare units.
  • Scorpion Rocket moved back to the Arms Dealer.
  • Virus Tank moved to Bunker.
  • Bunker gets Viral Weapons upgrade button as well.
  • New unit! Acid Truck! No, not that kind of acid.
  • Explodes when killed. Shortly after that it burns everything in the area. Extremely good against buildings.


  • Frog Launcher replaced with the Latrun Frog Missile Rocket thing.
  • It fires long-range-kind-of-dumb missiles at a target. Can attack aircraft.
  • Very very agile and stuff, but dies pretty much instantly.
  • The rockets look kind of funny due to the way they work.

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