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The Chinese military leads the way in blimp-based warfare.

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Important PSA!

Due to the unexpected size of this shenanigan mod, I need to include !ShwAudio.gib as well. I updated the readMe with instructions for first time installs, or those updating from one to another. This is the last required file, I promise. Needs to be added to keep things working smoothly for me (ie not crashing whenever I try and edit something). Thanks for your time <3

Update list:

New type of weapon! Flak! It's an anti-air weapon that has scatter in the air. This was a pain in the butt to make, but I really wanted to use it, so the GLA have access to it. Due to the way the weapon works, units that use this weapon type on aircraft cannot actually gain veterancy from it, boo. (Technically its pseudo scatter radius but shh.)


  • Oil Refinery discount is reduced to 50% across the board.

China Vanilla:

  • Inferior Superior Kirov reporting. Chinese Kirov copy is available for production.
  • Requires Propaganda Center.
  • Has tons of health and armor. TONS. Benefits from certain upgrades.
  • Fires a really balanced wire-guided missile at ground targets. Short range though.
  • Keeps its Anti-air gun on the top.
  • Available to China Tank, Nuke and Special Weapons as well. Different upgrades apply.
  • Announces itself to all players, just like Red Alert 2.

China Infantry:

  • Red Guard replaced with Conscript.
  • Conscript voices replaced with Conscript voices. This is correct, yes.
  • Conscripts are basically useless, but come with their IR Goggles upgrade.
  • Conscripts capture twice as fast as normal infantry however.
  • Conscript has his own taunt. "Da."
  • Trained in groups of five.
  • The best meat shield.
  • Removed flares visuals from the Mortar Landmine shell.
  • They don't actually get the Kirov, I made a mistake in the 'thisUpdate.txt' file. Sorry about that.

Special Weapons:

  • Kirov benefits from White Napalm and Targeting Computer upgrade.

China Nuke:

  • Nuclear Kirov. It's terrifying.
  • Benefits from Nuke Migs upgrade and Fusion Engines...

China Tank:

  • Even more armor available to your Kirov.

All GLA Factions:

  • New unit! Flak Trooper!
  • Uses the new AA weapon. Effective against infantry as well.
  • Voices from RA2. Comes with taunt as well.
  • Finally fixed the Commando Worker taunt.

Why build Flak Troopers over RPG's?

  • Useful against infantry and aircraft.
  • Much much longer AA range than RPG Troopers.
  • Projectile cannot be deflected by ECM or stopped by laser. (Except Townes' Dozer laser)
  • Effectively hits aircraft instantly once it fires. Good against groups as well.
  • Fun fact: There are 22 'scatter' locations for your flak AA weapon. 1 of them is a direct hit.


  • Mega Rocket Buggy can no longer crush vehicles. Changed so the AI uses it properly on the Challenge map.

Salvage General:

  • Flash Troopers get the flak weapon as well. Utility!
  • Changes to the Barrage Upgrade. No more firing modes, instead it's a flat 100% improvement.
  • Barrage upgrade fires 2 rockets per second, and 2 flak shells at aircraft per second.
  • He keeps the rocket launcher for ground units.
  • Quad Tank gets the flak weapon as well. Fires slower, but does heavy damage and is better in groups.
  • Baikonur Missile has a unique air raid siren that plays at the target location. Should be nostalgic.
  • Air raid siren is 'salvaged' from Red Alert 2. Get it, salvaged... I'm sorry.


  • Organized stuff in Worldbuilder.

***** Generals Challenges *****


  • UAV's.
  • Decreased some attack waves slightly.
  • Still very annoying.


  • A bit less infantry spam. Just a bit.


  • Even more Golem Tanks.
  • Might be silly now.


  • Reduced some later attack waves.
  • Optimized a little bit.
  • Kirovs are now built on normal and hard.


  • Added an airpad for Biplanes.
  • Mega Rocket Buggy is built once requirements are met.
  • Added guarding Flak Troopers.


  • Tiny attack wave changes.
  • Might be some other stuff here but I forgot.

Dear God, this mod is going places, turning into quite a crazy but enjoyable mess! I sure wonder whether you plan on sneaking entirety of ROTR piece by piece or what, haha

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Splinterus Author

I told myself I was only adding the Golem, but then I got carried away. While I don't have any plans to add units right now, if I do, they'd most likely be a from the USA or GLA. So each of the three factions has a unit or two.

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This mod is going places indeed. :)

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