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So Update 61, this update covers the current goings on with the project, more details to fill in the many new comers, and also whats left to be done, as a check list so you can see what is left.

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So this is update 61, remember when I said a while back there was only going to be maybe a couple more updates? , ah how stupid I was to think that...

So this update focuses on animation yet again, after removing my spoiler item I can now render Limit Breakers animations properly, I realised only now that I could have done that to begin with, thus proving how careless and unfocused I have been recently, I am putting it all down to the current situation with my job placement, and all things related to it.

So anyway, animations!

Whats been improved in animations over the practice sessions?

  • Added more movement into them
  • Started doing more difficult animations
  • Added a slight wieght feel to them

Its funny how everyone thinks animation is easy, until they actually try it. Third person animation like this is actually quite hard to get the timing right on the key frames, and getting that wieght feel is hard too, deciding on which bits will sway slightly in one direction, but then again if everything was easy it wouldnt be fun would it?

Things left to do until the project is finished...

  1. Finish all the animations (Currently Inprogress)
  2. Export/Import the animations to UDK
  3. Get all the scenes set up correctly in UDK
  4. Add Particle effects and sounds
  5. Record the scenes
  6. Piece them all together and upload
  7. ???

So yea , leave feedback if you will, and I`ll reply as normal and try and either adjust stuff or do more stuff the same way and progress further :D


Those animations are looking awesome, Dave!
These are really coming along from when you started.

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awsome work you has a big talent ^^

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