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Just a quick update on the progress made on the game. Nothing more, nothing less...

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Hi guys! Its us, Senior Meatbox and Scatterbox!

Now, believe it or not, A LOT has happened within the past week, and by A LOT, i mean In real life, not the game, so sadly ZERO PROGRESS has been made on Beyond the Lines since the last update.

Now, in case you don't understand, the progression we've made is at the same spot, a standstill.
(Besides a few pieces of music)

Scatter is still grounded, and he's only on every once and a while for a couple minutes while his moms at work.

Gresh is on yet another vacation, but this time its school-related.

Fenrir is dealing with social life, hes going through rough times

ADZIE Is mainly thinking about what he can do next

AceNTempus is mainly trying to figure out the first Beta testing event.

Senior Meatbox Has made a lot of music for the maps and levels, and has been sitting on his buttcheeks thinking of a layout ever since Update #4

We mainly need a break, so we stopped working on this and went to Slender PSP. The only MAJOR thing that has been done so far is the fact that we now have access to the latest version of Dark Quake Plus (Thanks to St1x!) The problem is, we are not very sure if its wise to use it. Although DQ runs the most detailed maps, the most detailed models and the massive amount of entities onscreen, It runs Q1 maps pretty much like llamas! The easy fix to this big problem is simply using HLBSP, which we have access to. Only problem is, we gotta re-size every texture to make the mopping thing compile the maps, and even if we do that HLBSP even recognizes SIMPLE BLOCKS to be illegal brushwork. We do know that if we successfully do this, we will get a smooth running game. The big problem is that Scatter isn't very lucky on getting the engine to finalize, but when we do, we will make the decision on whenever to keep the Quartal engine, or to move onto Dark Quake Plus.
Its up to us to decide, but we would love to hear your opinion.


Every quake mod on the PSP (besides NZP or L4Q) Needs one thing. COW needs a Modeler, PSPikmin needs a coder, and WE NEED AN ANIMATOR!!!!!!

We cannot move any further without animated models!!!!! Scatter is working hard, I've been shooting out maps like a Gatling gun, Gresh has given birth to Models like children, the game feels so incomplete.

We aren't aiming for one of those $1 Xbox Indie Games that is just a sprite shooting at other sprites while staying still, we are aiming for a decent looking game that you guys will hopefully come to enjoy.


If you already have applied, we probably didn't see it.... we'll check to email soon.

Thanks everyone!!!

-Seizure Salad
-Senior Meatbox

Edit from Scatter - I removed all the unnecessary language and replaced it with random words. ;) and dropped into say that I have been secretly re-working on iPhone version. (only available for jailbroken users) and the engine is close to being ready.

WeeGee9000 - - 1,643 comments

don't tell me you are going to remove ok im dead

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SeniorMeatbox Author
SeniorMeatbox - - 1,274 comments

We did fro the normal enemies, but we placed an easter egg that replaces the ambience with that line

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Podolski - - 167 comments

"WE NEED AN ANIMATOR!!!!!!!". I'd like to turn your attention to exhibit A.

"Well because the fanboys are too busy waiting for the game to finish when they can TRY to learn how to model or something." - AceNTempus, 2014.

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SeniorMeatbox Author
SeniorMeatbox - - 1,274 comments

I would love for you to stop talking, we do enjoy criticism but this isnt very "positive"

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Podolski - - 167 comments

However, most of that last post wasn't me, was it? Anyway, criticism is never positive, otherwise, it wouldn't be criticism.

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DogeTek - - 83 comments

3 negative votes on every single of SeniorMeatbox's comments. (Don't worry I upped them)

You could criticize this game but you also can't compare it to COW1944 or NZ:P.

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Gresh1234 - - 326 comments

Now I've figured out dat FBX, my body is ready for animating.

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ScatterBox - - 306 comments

Sweet! We can finally start to get somewhere thanks to you again Gresh!! :D

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