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More news, rebuilding scenes, getting the intro scenes done, and obviously trying to avoid spoilers.

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So hey everyone,

Its 4:10am and I am ment to be at work in 6 hours time, but I have been doing alot of stuff thus I thought I would fill you in before getting a little sleep, obviously you wont get this straight away because it takes time to be moderated but its worth a shot.

This updates half personal half not, I have stressed how much I like to keep my private affairs out of my work, but unfortunately they have been interupting me yet again, and because the community was so nice and supportive last time, I thought I might aswell fill you all in abit, as it makes some light conversation to go with the updates.


Inbetween trying hard as hell to get a job, after having been back with my parents 2 months now, I have still found nothing, even after re-writing my CV so that its easier to read and also is alot easier to quickly find out what skills + experiance I have. I just happen to live in one of the worst places apparently for getting a job atm, so its really annoying me.

But this is taking up most of my time trying to find a job, being forced to find one by the goverment assisted scheme that the job center put me on (its not nice), and also doing volunteer work when ever I can, which is normally a weekend... so I cant really chill much.I managed how ever to get some more work done this week in terms of setting up the intro for the OVA, I had to go and redo the scene entirely , adding new lighting, more particles and of course the new HUD and VOB.

Im almost done with the scenes, I am just in the process of rendering them with professional lighting settings and also making sure that everythings ok when I go to record ingame, apart from that the intros turned out quite nice, shows off alot of the surrounding sky before finishing up at the focal point of the video, the level its self.

In between doing this, as it takes 30+ mins to render lighting calculations now, mainly because theres that much stuff, I have been doing animations and am currently trying to work off my storyboard I setup, I am also trying to put up videos demoing stuff, the only problem is spoilers so I have tried to hide them by doing the demos in a sillouette style for rendering.

So take a look around, and I hope you like the newest updates for now, its going nicely atm :D

Till next time



Not nice to hear, that you still have problems with finding a job.
Can't there be a person who will say: "Man, this guy makes some awesome work! Let's give him a job!"?
Hope you will get along and be sure that I wait for the next update! ;)

Good luck

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Moodydave Author

I wish for the same, I am concidering going freelance in my free time in future to see if I can do anything that way.

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Aren't you in the UK? I can't help but wonder why they're having so many problems with jobs right now.

I'm sure you'll find one, bro.
Just don't lose hope.

Also, professional lightning? Sounds spiffy.

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Moodydave Author

I am indeed in the UK, We are having many problems with jobs all of them together contribute to the problem as a whole, you could think of them as individual segments of a pie-chart.

-Increased pension age

Those are the two I know of anyway, Immigration is a big cause, because immigrants take up houses and jobs which English locals could use, they take jobs at a lower rate then normal English people are supposed to be paid and thus leads to them getting the jobs and not normal people that expect more pay.

And increasing the pension age means that people cant retire as soon as they where able to under the previous goverment, the age is now 65 if I remember rightly, thus people are in jobs alot longer and that means there is less chance of the young getting any jobs.

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