Post news RSS Update # 57 April 2011

Fixing UDK,making more adjustments to the render LOD`s, building more new things to implement, adding more awsome in preperation for animating after finally planning out a good storyboard.

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So once again folks, back to post another update.


I was going to make this one a video update like the last,but I wanted to save some things for a suprise, aswell as start on the animation as soon as possible, I am still in the process of making a few last min set pieces, and also tweaking and adjusting some things, then I have to animate according to the storyboard I set up.

So whats the animation going to feature?

Guns, more guns, lasers , missiles, fire, and a ton of explosions, since the last update I have been watching alot of animation for reference and research, into camera shots, effect useage, and also the stuff going on in particular scenes themselfs,and I think I am all set now...

So, expect some behind the scenes videos mb whilst I am doing production, otherwise just stay tuned cause theres alot going on to get all this done and looking great now.



Can't wait for that

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