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Almost at the end, having to cut a few things short, planning for the future and alot more other things.

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So hey again everyone,

Been a while since I last posted, and things have taken a turn for the better. Before I start the update, I would like to give good news about my friend, who I thought had cancer because he said it could have been.

Apparently hes been cleared and its just a small growth in his chest that he caught on a trip to Napal, hes having Chemotherapy for it just incase, but apart from that its not nearly as serious as we all had first thought.And on another note, I was forced to move back in with my parents again,due to not being able to make any progress in terms of moving fowards with my fiancee money wise, so I am currently saving up for the future and looking for jobs yet again to get me more money, and she is doing the same, so everythings back to normal generally speaking.


So sorry to keep everyone,

As for the updates, I am working hard on doing the final parts of the animation in 3ds before I tweak them and port it all over to Unreal, I`ll admit at the moment I am kinda rushing this part of the process, mainly because I am moving onto proper game development with a team of friends in UDK, so I want to get this project out of the way as quickly as possible so that I can move onto real Indie dev, which I am looking foward to, everyones looking foward to it at the moment, and they are just waiting for me to finish this project first.

So, in a few days or so expect the final small OVA up, I know its not much concidering all the stuff that the project has been through, but in the end this project as served its purpose of being a learning project, and an experiance, thus I will be happy with what ever I shell out at the end of the day aslong as it looks good.

So keep your eyes out for a couple more updates in the future.


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