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Sorry for the massive delay guys, I'll update more often...

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For the few of you who actually care about this mod, it is not dead. I had absolutely no time to work on it what so ever. Well actually, I lied. I just took a break for a while. Development had been going slow, and I decided to take a break to avoid rushing and in effect horrible design. Development would probably not continue again until June, or summer. Then I'll have very little interference, and I'll probably finish the first map and start introducing some story and characters (I'll post some jobs for voice acting when I need it). I decided not to use third-person so I don't lose atmosphere, and I'm considering adding gore. Later on in the game, you will join a gang in the town, and you'll complete tasks with squad members. Tasks will range from getting food to fighting other gangs for territory. The town will be based no, but not resemble, my town in suburban Pittsburgh. Anyway, the next update will probably not be posted until development starts again. Thanks for reading guys.

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