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The average cost of a Reaper Drone is $16.9 million. The more you know.

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I have been very busy with work, but I managed to get some stuff done.

I did the most disgusting thing with this mod. Sentry Drones are now somewhat useful after the machine gun upgrade. I am a bad person. (rate of fire is epic)

Update List:

All American Factions:

  • New unit! UAV! Drone strikes, yeah! America!
  • Buildable from the airfield, flies around like the buildable A10.
  • Armed with two air-ground and AA missiles. Upgrades to four with Comanche Rocket Pods.
  • Comanche Rocket Pods added to all airfields.
  • UAV can be upgraded with Drone Armor.
  • Detects stealth in a large radius.
  • Is stealthed when not firing or taking damage.

Airforce General:

  • Visual improvements to the buildable Spectre Gunship. Tilts when taking off and has some exhaust while flying (but not when gliding/circle its target.)

China Stuff:

  • Main Battle Tanks are slightly faster to make them scarier.
  • Flying Submarines have a death action like a Comanche or Helix. "SubmarineSlowDeathBehavior" haha... I'll see myself out.


  • Removed the whistle falling sound from the Skydiving Team.
  • Decreased the damage of the GLA Bomber.

GLA Stealth:

  • Commando Workers now benefit from the Rank 3 Infantry Training science.

*****Generals Challenge changes*****


  • I raged because I am bad. Added a delay until she builds Omega Aurora Bombers.
  • Fixed Experimental Particle Cannon targeting.
  • Added targeting for the Particle Cannons if you are playing Superweapon vs Superweapon.
  • Added a Missile Platform in place of a Flak Bunker.
  • Removed a couple of units that spawn on hard; mainly really close to your base.
  • Moved the Chinook drop path inside the map so it's less scumbag.
  • Moved the Particle Beams in the introduction further away from your CC.
  • Upgrades are purchased.
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