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After a long period of silence, we're back! This time, with plenty of content to share and discuss!

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Ahoy ye scurvy deckswabs!

To the few following the game, we're not dead! We're very much alive, and we've got plenty of content to show off. We've had quite a long absence, most of that time slaving away at making a story that makes sense, and making a game that's fun to play! We've recruited quite a sizable crew as well, most of which have made pretty fantastic contributions! Now, its one thing to talk about an update, but its another to show the update.

Revamped Health and Item Collection System

  • To begin, the player health system has been completely redone. We've got some udderly fantastic UI to represent the players health. This UI is represented by portraits of Max, which change after a certain amount of health has been lost, or gained. This begins with a green portrait, then unto a yellow, then a red, and then you're DEAD! It's quite simple, but I know I think its flattering!
  • An item that replenishes player health has been added. This is known as an oinkment. They will be scattered throughout each level, but they aren't exactly easy pickings! So keep an eye on your health, you irresponsible swine!
  • We've added an pickup system, which is pretty self explanatory. Even though it's pretty straight forward, there's always that one person who gets the wrong idea, and I'm onto you! Anyways, this enables the player to find and collect various collectibles throughout the world, as any good platformer has! It doesn't look too pretty as of now, but it works! We've got the slave- I mean modelers on it now, though! These are known as truffles and these chocolate delights act as the primary currency in the game. Use these to unlock certain areas within the world, upgrade abilities, outfits, and various other cosmetics within the game. We've also got the main progression currency in the game, known as map pieces. These bare more rarity, and are scarce throughout the world. Collect enough to progress onto the next level!

( Top left = Health, bottom left = truffles, button right = map pieces )


Dynamic Platforming Controller

  • To start here, we've actually made the game playable. Impressive, right? Anyways, we've completed a character controller for this game completely from scratch. This is complete with jump, double jump, trampolines, button pressing, a dynamic 360 camera, and much much more. This is only scratching the surface, though! Much more platforming elements to be added as this games development progresses, but it's definitely a good start! To see a glimpse of these, you'll have to watch the new video! A download will be made as soon as everything compiles in a stable way!

Bringing the game to life!

In any game, you've got to have models, right? You've also got to have plenty of animations. We've actually got a fair bit of that done, and in fantastic fashion too! In our absence, we've managed to model several NPCs, as well as our very own main characters! Not only this, but we've gotten several set pieces for our levels completed as well. Given one of the first levels is a mine, we've got quite a lot of mine-y things done, from mine carts, to pickaxes, to port-o-pottys, to rail tracks. Some of the characters completed can be seen in various images, as well as the video and here! Great thanks to one of the newest additions to our motley crew, Mauricio Cunha. He has done a fantastic job at bringing our characters to life, even the maddened enemies! We've also created a block out level for testing. It's gotta be pretty before it looks good! Also, great thanks to Jeremy, our other modeler who has helped make great progress as well, namely pretty buildings, platforms and objects!

pigminer final


Dropping Beats

  • We've wanted to ensure that for every level, stage, and achievement the player experiences, there's also a fantastic soundtrack to back it up. Our composer, Mark, has made several soundtracks during this time frame, his works can be heard throughout the game!

Main Menu

  • Not to bring about an underwhelming end, BUT we've also created a pretty swanky main menu. This is just a small sample for upcoming playable updates. The play button and quit button works great, the options still needs a bit of a tune up though.

Screenshot 382


Lastly, we are always looking for contributors to the game. Whether you're a skilled developer, a platforming enthusiast, or you've just got way too much time on your hands because you quit that job you hate, we would love to have your help! A discord server is currently being made for all of those who are interested in this game as a whole! Builds will be published there.

That's it, Jack

We've gotten much more to show in the coming updates, and this article is only scratching the service in terms of all of the work that has gone into making this game what it is. Many more features are currently being developed and tweaked.

Download: Not yet available ( unfortunately D: )

Link to video

Click here to see last weeks update!


-The Crew

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