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4/16 Update

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Hello guys It’s been a long time since an update and I am sorry about this, Vega has been busy with school and I was on vacation for 3 and a half weeks so we haven’t had much time to work on the mod.
So here is the progress report:

Vega has finished coding all the ships and modules for the Shadow and the UEC and is now creating the research tree for the races. He has also updated the particle effects so they don’t look quite so over flamboyant and don’t lag the game as much.
So far we are planning to add to the mod.

3 new races with their own ships, models, research, sounds, and strengths and weakness. However; we plan to completely remove the old races since they are very underpowered compared to the new ones.

Each race has their own unique capital ship that is specialized to the was the race plays. Also, there is a new diplomacy/advanced support capital ship that is available for all races.

5 new planet types and 3 space anomalies.

Change the pirate race to a NPC outcast/savager race that uses a combination of tech and unites from the other races.

However; we are having a hard time creating models and an even harder time texturing them, so any help from anyone who help us with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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