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Yet again a few problems,Return of the dev blog,video updates,more on Vampires progress ect...

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So welcome back everyone again,

After recruiting Vampire onto the team it seems we have hit another snag, the rig he set up to try and get stuff ingame quicker breaks my model so much its unusable, so I am going to have to do all the animations myself, not that I am complaining it will just take longer of course, what I am after is anyone that can animate and also do Unreal Script for Unreal Engine 3 or UDK, and animate in 3dsmax 9, to help this project go alot faster at the moment.

As for other stuff, I am starting to use the blog with Vampire again so links in the top right to the blog, where there will be video updates by myself frequently, you`ll get to see just how hard I push myself during the "Crunch" period of the project.

I hope on putting something playable out after new year atleast so I had better hurry up and get my act in gear, be sure to check here and the blog frequently!.


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