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So its been a while but im back on track and am working on the mod.

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Sorry for the lack of updates and just news but im back and working on the mod again after starting university my brain needs to get used to it and needs to get used to using half my time for programming hobbies and the other half for university so its been hard to get motivated to work on the mod but recently ive been chatting to people and am back on track!

But once again valve messed up some things so source sdk doesn't even work so if anyone knows how to fix that then message me XD as i cant get the grid to work correctly :/

In other news ive got the zombies in and am just fitting features into place and connecting them now yesterday i implemented the loading screens so expect some screenshots up soon and i will be making some videos on how to make maps for 0.4 using the new 2013 hammer ( which hasn't changed much ) and i may be making a video showing off the "new" features and how they work since people are finding it hard to use.

As you can see below i added the zombie swatting in as some means of protection they will hit things at you that are in front of them which allows us to put boxes and crap all over the maps XD and yes they do damage. Also in the nav mesh system i added some code which will compute the total distance to the player its going for which i can use to tell the zombie to stop running after you if your too far away and maybe make it walk again.

Whats next:

:: Elemental zombies ( and weapons )
:: New zombie skins
:: New zombie spawns ( is it a plane, is it a bird no its a zombie! )
:: New zombies (?)
:: Map fixes, changes and optimization's
:: Weapon dropping ( for player trading "ill give you my mac10 for your mp5" )
:: Weapon naming
:: Crawling zombies ( Anims are broken )

Change log:
:: Boss balancing
:: Lag reduction with capped zombies
:: Zombie ragdoll fading ( will greatly reduce lag, customizable with "g_ragdoll_fadetime" )
:: Made collectible items breakable
:: Zombie swatting
:: Custom loading screens
:: Zapper has its own entity ( Havoc fix )
:: Workbench item limit
:: Combo's should be easier to get
:: Boss gives a random combo
:: Loads of fixes ( Over 20 )
:: Redone zombie spawning
:: Redone player deaths
:: Redone zombie files ( Zombies is one model with 3 skins )
:: Added zombie stats to scoreboard ( Kills and headshots )
:: Fixed death sounds ( Death sounds for characters without VO is replaced with generic death sounds from hl2 citizens )
:: Doors now open fully before being removed
:: Zombies killed using an throwable weapon or explosion is now accounted for ( you get correct zombie kill stat and the points )
:: Fixed workbench bug's
:: Made turrets easier to use in maps
:: Added laser sights ( Workbench item )
:: Extended barrier time
:: Disabled round hud when its 0
:: Fixed scoreboard text
:: Fixed spectator text
:: Fixed loads of map errors

We are still looking for mappers, modellers and animators :)


Looking forward to it.

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what about barriers, sorry if thats all Im talkin about, anyways good update!

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Tingtom Author

They were added a couple of versions ago?

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