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This update will discribe the incredable scripting language i will be putting in the mod.

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Update 4: Lua

I will be putting a scriptting language called Lua into the mod. Lua is a very cool thing. It provides a way for easier change and other stuff. First off Lua is not a hard language to learn. It is easier then c/c++. One of the cool features in Lua is that the scripts are made out of the source code. This means if we ever release it server side, people can add things like new scripted entites, quests, and many other things. This is also faster for our team to work. Lets say our mapper wants to make a change to a quest or he found a error. He can go into the script and fix/change it really simply. Since i will be writting a guide on our new forums(coming soon) about Lua(this will be hidden exept to the dev team) anyone of our dev members can write up a script to work with their creation. Lets say that someone made a map and wanted to add a quest, they can do it easily with Lua. Our Lua will be a little different from the normal Lua. Like Gmod i will be changing some things so its more like C. Such as and will be changed to &&. And or to |.

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