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well some bad news and alot of good news and some more updates.

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Well the bad news was that my computer screen broke but i kicked it and it worked but before that i tryed fixing it and electrocuted myself :(, well its all fixed now i hope i have made a backup of it anyway well onto the updates :

all the wepaons are fully working some tweaking todo to them like the crowbarX model isnt working, some new weapons will be made i am trying to get every weapon to have a P&P version of them.

i have got it so when you go close to a weapon it comes up with the amount in points of buying it but it is a entity in hammer and you have to specify it, erm in the example map i have made the debris that dissapears when you buy it but its the 'kill' command so i need to find another way.

every weapon has to be picked up usig the USE button instead of automaticly and a specified nuber of points is taken in code (so it cant be changed), i am going to make it take a certain amount of points when ammo is taken instead of the weapon.

also the points entity has been added for barriers and debris points addition (which cant be done in code).

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