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Added - New thumbnail for the game. Added - New states for the settlement. Upgrade - MiniMap look.

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Here we are again with some news and upgrades. I could not yet get around to include a system for events but this will be next up, although I will need some time for this.

Firstly: A new video about the game with pre-alpha footage

New Thumbnail

The old one looked dull and nobody could make out what it was about. This time I hopefully created a better looking one.

Logo Draft 02


Now that everyone can see a legit thumbnail for the game, it is time to add some more interesting places.

Settlement 00 Normal Settlement (small)

Settlement 01 Grown Settlement (medium)

Settlement 02 City (Big)

I'm pretty sure I will revamp them several times but for now these are the settlement-stages, starting with the normal one up to the city. Easy to recognize and as soon as I am a bit more trained in the arts of Blender, These will look alot better.

MiniMap beautified

A minimap is like a mirror for your soul .. or not. But it should look nice so I created a look akin to a map. As always, there are things to be added but for now I like the look and will work with it.

MiniMapUnexplored Just started the game

MiniMapExplored Had some time to explore

I hope you like the changes and additions.

Until next time.


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