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The GLA take to the skies once more with a new Rank 5 ability.

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Update list:

Important stuff:

  • GLA Anthrax Bomb moved to Rank 3 for all factions.
  • New Rank 5 ability! 'GLA Skydiving Team'
  • 3 Cargo Planes drop a lovely formation of skydiving terrorists onto the location.
  • Skydivers do 40% less damage than a normal carpet bomb, but there's 3 planes instead of one.
  • GLA Stinger Sites reload in 1 second.
  • GLA Tunnel Networks are armed with miniguns.
  • Recoilless Riflemen reload faster.
  • Tech Repair Bay repairs slower now; from 30 to 15.
  • Slightly increased the range of the SEAL weapons.
  • Changed the Spy Sat Center to something smaller and more compact.
  • Spy Sat Center detects stealth around itself. Radius is the same as Search and Destroy.

Superweapon General:

  • Particle Cannon changed to Experimental Particle Cannon. Beam cannot be controlled once fired, but creates many unstable plasma balls that move around randomly.
  • Experimental Particle Cannon deals the most damage of any superweapon, but there's no way to control where the plasma balls end up.
  • Plasma Ball damage increased from 5 to 15.

Laser General:

  • Patriots now actually require 1 power.

China Infantry:

  • Infantry release a small frenzy effect on death, giving Frenzy 3 to nearby units for a short time.
  • It's a totally original idea not shamelessly inspired by a far better Generals mod by the name of ROTR. <3


  • Balloon has slightly less health.
  • Terrorists no longer create balloons when destroyed

GLA Vanilla + Salvage:

  • Biplanes have two new abilities!
  • Demo Trap Drop: Deploy a Demo Trap below the Biplane. Must be aimed manually (used over the target).
  • Eject: Manually eject the Terrorist Biplane, destroying the Biplane in the process. He parachutes to safety.
  • Biplanes have a Terrorist Pilot at all vet levels, including vet 0.
  • New unit: Bomber. Armed with skydiving terrorists. They jump out of the plane onto the target. Very very strong against buildings.

GLA Stealth:

  • Mobile Supply Stash is now a Convoy Truck. $2500.
  • Still acts as a supply dropoff point. Produces $10 every 3 seconds.
  • Comes with 12 infantry loaded inside. 6 Rebels and 6 RPG Troops.
  • Is only stealthed when not moving.
  • It's very good once you get the infantry training science at Rank 3.
  • Radar Truck starts with jammer upgrade.

*****Generals Challenge Changes*****


  • Changed the location of the Particle Beams due to the new effect. Hopefully its far enough away.
  • This challenge may be really annoying now. Have fun. I am sorry.


  • The game should properly end now. Added some scripts to basically make Kassad give up when on low buildings.
  • Opened up the northeastern part of the map. There are 3 total paths to this area now.
  • Some new guarding units.
  • Some new attack waves.
  • Demo Traps are now upgraded with one of three stolen technologies.
  • Spy Sat Center added in place of an Oil Derrick. Usefulness may vary.


  • Separated the north and south bases into their own AI's.
  • North AI is more infantry based than the south AI.
  • Removed the bridges because I am very anti-bridge.
  • A couple new supply piles so there's reason to expand.
  • Flak Cannon Bunker to defend somewhat.
  • Removed the Tech Repair Bay. Replaced with another Oil Derrick.
  • Even more Demo Traps
  • Many more (and new) attack waves.
  • Fixed the Demo Paradrop.
  • This might be a very difficult challenge now, but I only had the save file to test with Alexander, arguably the easiest general.
  • His generals power ranks depend on your difficulty, as does how fast the attack waves scale.

Thanks for playing <3

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