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An update for Dreamcast Conversion has been released

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Update 4 for Dreamcast Conversion is now ready!

March 24 update: I've reuploaded the Update 4 archive with some minor fixes. This is primarily for people who haven't downloaded Update 4 yet. If you already have Update 4, most of the updates will be pushed to you through the Mod Loader. If you use the DisableSA1TitleScreen mod, replace its mod.ini with this one.

Download the full package here.

Be sure to install the mods in the correct order! Check the install guide for more details.

This is another huge update that brings a lot of new stuff!

Highlights of this version:

  • Mod updates: you may remember that Update 3 added support for mod updates through the Mod Loader. Today's Mod Loader update enables mod update functionality. As for the DC mods, many things have changed since Update 3, and several new mods were added. This version introduces support for modular updates. This means you don't need the MEGA mirror anymore, as the updates will be pushed to you automatically through the Mod Loader, and only the changed files will be downloaded! This was made possible thanks to ReimuHakurei, who offered to host my mods on his server. You need to download Update 4 for DC Mods and update the Mod Loader first to be able to use the new update system.
  • Dreamcast Chao Gardens, including the VMU transporter model for the Name Machine and the Chao Race track - check out the restored flowers and cheering Omochao! The secret egg found on the Egg Carrier now hatches a two-tone black Chao like on the Dreamcast. Two-tone black eggs have also been updated with SA1 textures.
  • A "Dreamcast General" mod that introduces several non-level specific fixes and replaces all non-level textures with higher quality Dreamcast textures (thanks Onso!). So now the entire game is using SA1 textures!
  • A new 16:9 title screen for the DC Branding mod that activates automatically based on your screen resolution/window size.
  • Dreamcast water textures in Emerald Coast! You can switch back to water textures used previously in this mod by enabling SADX Style Water.
  • An updated Sound Overhaul 2 (Dreamcast sound effects) mod is included in the main mod package.
  • A new "SET layout fixes" mod by Supercoolsonic with level layout fixes and improvements for various stages.
  • A totally insane amount of bug fixes and accuracy improvements, including material color fixes, object model restorations, cutscene models and lots of other things for many areas in the game.
  • A higher quality intro movie from the X360 version that retains the SA1 logo.
  • The HD GUI mod now includes upscaled level objectives and level title cards.
  • All PNG textures have been optimized with oxipng to reduce file size with no quality loss.

As always, be sure to also grab the latest build of the Palette Lighting mod by SonicFreak94. Note that you need to download the latest version from the master branch, as other branches are experimental and not intended for regular gameplay!

Enjoy the improved Dreamcast experience, and stay tuned for more accuracy updates!


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