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This article is a short update on the progress of things. Topics included in here are the prototype and the storyline.

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Hello everyone!

This short article will update you on the recent progress of things! First, I'll start with the storyline.

The Storyline

I've continued writing on the storyline. It's now about 75A4 pages long. In the meantime, I've been searching for a publisher, and one publisher seems to be intrested. They provided some constructive criticism, which I'm processing now. This requires some major rewriting of several parts.

I hope to get the story published by this summer! Now, lets get on with the progress coding-wise.

The game

I've started working on a new prototype. But instead of testing the graphics, I'll test the gameplay. Yes, this means a fully-playable prototype :-)

The prototype will at first be singleplayer, but it will also be used to test the networking later on. The gameplay of this prototype will be fairly simple. It will revolve on seizing systems, and taking out AI players (or human players, when multiplayer is implemented). This prototype will slowly gain deeper and deeper gameplay. Feedback from the fans will be critical in this, since they decide how deep the final game will be!

The prototype will not contain fancy graphics though! I'll mostly make it like a normal application GUI. So don't expect anything like 3D stuff ;-)

We're nearing the end of this news post. If you've got any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to comment here, PM me on ModDB or mail me at

Till the next time!
-- Roberto


When I read the words 'constructive criticism' in relation to something said by a publisher that immediately gets translated to 'telling you how to change your idea in order to make them more money.'

Just saying.

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