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Gosh, hey lazy modder, where's all the content? You're so lazy.

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The smallest update ever that took the longest. Let's find out why.

Actual updated stuff:


  • Decreased the amount of exp required for ranks 6-10 by 5% each
  • Changed VehicleSnipeVictim sound to NoSound, so drones don't make that annoying sound when their owner dies
  • Greatly improved nuclear missile door opening sounds

GLA Factions:

  • Maus damage reduced per scrap, from 550 650 and 750, down to 400 500 600 respectively
  • Maus reloads slightly faster, increased from 9 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • New stupid superheavy tank! E100!
  • E100 is good for supporting attacks instead of defending
  • Comes with AP and beautiful HE rounds (particles courtesy of OFS)
  • E100 has a small flak gun mounted on the back to help deal with ground and air threats
  • Decreased health of Tank Crews, from 140 to 110

Dr. Thrax:

  • Fixed an issue where Hand of Nurgle would automatically switch ammo types, even if no other ammo was upgraded

Stealth General:

  • Terrorists reveal themselves while moving
  • Attempted to fix super annoying War Truck bugs, again. I hope it just works this time :(


  • Changed Civilian Chemical/Pharmaceutical factory explosions to the cool Anthrax Clouds

Wow, that's not a lot of content. Here's the long awaited Campaign fix, however. Each Campaign has slightly improved scripting and some of the cheese has been fixed. There is one new mission per Campaign as well. Along with this, there are 3 Easter Eggs per (real) mission with hints that will be provided at the end.

American Campaign:

  • There is a building on the Dock in the minigame that, when entered, allows you to skip the mission
  • Improved visuals on Rescue Billy Gates mission
  • Improved the overall quality of Securing the Command Bus mission
  • Added a mission where you defend America. Haha, current events
  • Fixed missing objects in the final mission

GLA Campaign:

  • Removed unmanned vehicles from Convention Center mission. The Barracks is now unmanned as well
  • Removed cheese from Locate Billy Gates mission. You actually need to play it now
  • Added a mission that contains poultry
  • Fixed final mission ending cutscene and improved some scripting in Baikonur mission. I didn't even test this. I just updated it and said it will work. Absolute chaos.

Chinese Campaign:

  • Slightly improved performance on Warring Biker Gang mission
  • Improved Conscript spam behavior on the Russo-GLA Alliance
  • Added a mission that has more bikes, but of a different type, in a remote location
  • Improved some scripting on the final mission


Each mission (minigames excluded) have three things to find. Some of the final missions have a super fourth secret to find. Here are your hints, good luck! Unless you open the maps and cheat, then you're a loser.

Some of these range from garrisoning a structure, to destroying it. Be careful.

American Mission 2:

  1. Containment Failure
  2. Oh Dam
  3. F

American Mission 3:

  1. Stay Frosty
  2. Hardpoints
  3. Enemy Inside

American Mission 4:

  1. Just a Conspiracy
  2. Blackout
  3. **** you, Baltimore!

American Mission 5:

  1. Enemy of the State
  2. Nice ride
  3. Liftoff

GLA Mission 2:

  1. Peaceful Plop
  2. Pirate
  3. Ten Points!

GLA Mission 3:

  1. Takeoff
  2. Drain the Swamp
  3. Ayy lmao

GLA Mission 4:

  1. There are no easter eggs here. It would ruin everything. Gosh.

GLA Mission 5:

  1. Liquid Gold
  2. Houston
  3. Close Encounter
  4. Otherworldy Sacrifice

China Mission 2:

  1. I gotta go...
  2. Loo with the view
  3. Surprise Mechanics [requires your Command Tank]

China Mission 3:

  1. Going Green
  2. Living Dead
  3. Gone Fishing

China Mission 4:

  1. Thrax's Paradise
  2. Without a Paddle

China Mission 5:

  1. Ultra
  2. Behind Our Lines
  3. America
  4. Biggest Business [This is really hard to do. You need to complete all other secrets, without losing number 3]

amazing! you always improve this mod. i rarelay play now generals, but still i have it in my library and i will retry it from time to time.

keep up the good work friend!

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I beleive someone likes World of Tanks :)

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Splinterus Author

Since 2013, although I don't play much these days.

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Whelp. Here we go again. But not for now.

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Why mine have no giant rocket buggy in Dr thrax pls help

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Splinterus Author

Because that unit was removed quite some time ago. It's only available by placing it in Worldbuilder.

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