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Updates, Docking Modes, Animation and more in this latest update going over whats going to go on in the near future.

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Hey again ladies and gents,

Incase you havent seen what I have been getting up to in the videos section here is the "Docking Mode" video, a test of animations and model rigs.

Based on a scene from Gundam 00 S2, I used this scene to test out the new rig of the VOB and Limit Breaker, Limit Breaker so far has 3 Rigs , 1 with Hands that have fingers that individually move, 1 with static hands so that its better for fight scenes , and the last is static hands with the VOB attached so that its easier to animate.

The idea for the near future is to animate abit of an intro scene to this actual video where the AC falls out of the Transport and then turns in mid air ready to attach to the VOB, I am also concidering adding a fight scene at the end to really mix things up and show what I can do with Unreal as opposed to going a head with the animation for the actual OVA atm, as I am also trying to apply for a job in the industry at the same time so its crucial I put my best work out, and I intend for this animation to be my best work.

I just need to make some enemy models and then I am fine, I will most likely use randomly chosen AC parts for now, and then colour them blue similar to the guard MTs in AC2, and have them in mass, being transported and then intercepted, that was my original idea for the animation.

So more stuff a head soon

Until then


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