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Yet again another update, A overall progress update, updating my UDK ver and yet again more roadblocks in my way.

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Welcome back again everyone!,

Let me start by saying how annoyed I am at the latest version of UDK, the Feb beta I was previously using started to become unstable so I had to completely uninstall, so I decided to have a shot at the May or June Betas, I installed the latest (I think its June) and instantly got hit with graphical problems because I run a 8600 512mb Geforce card. (atleast I think its that)

Anyway, After installing the latest graphic drivers I am hopefully ready to go, I just need to reconfigure the engine to run how I want again, and then everything will be fine and dandy.

As for overall progress I am about almost Half way done, the AC parts are all done now, so it takes about 10 mins to make a custom AC using the parts I have already, So I can combine them to make different variations which fill feature in the OVA.I will be working on enemys and then enviroments real soon, I have finished all the main story characters, so any additional characters I want to add in later as cameos can be done later, I just need to rig the character AC`s I have at the moment which should`nt take long and then I can move on.

Until I have tweaked stay tuned!


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