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Update #3 for Heroes 7 part 3 "Fall of Man". Only major update was added for the first part of part 3. Added lots of cool stuff. I have 3 videos for you guys to enjoy. May upload the map for people to try as xfire doesn't like to send files.

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Here it is. Teaser for Part 3.

The ultimate warfare is coming. It's getting closer. The bloodiest battle of World War 3 you have ever seen. Heroes 7 returns as part sequel, part prequel to the greatest series of all time. Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" takes you in the shoes of SFC. Kevin and other notable characters as they take part in the greatest challenge of their lives. Find out the ultimate tragedy known to man.

Teaser for Part 4

Failure is failure, but not defeated. Death of friends is the ultimate sacrifice. Now, you have kill the traitor and go home and all would be good. Or is it? Take part in this thrilling ending to the sequel. It won't be like you imagined. More blood, more chaos, more epic! More death!

Armageddon is coming closer. Or is it?

Two alternate endings for you to choose your fate.
What would you choose?

Update #3:

- Whatever in the teaser is correct.
- Added the first part of Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man"
- Added a F.O.B. in the first part
- Mortars! Insane mortars!
- Charge!
- Village/Uptown
- Custom bridge, awesome bridge

I have three test videos for you guys to enjoy. To see what the map looks like. The map could be more exciting than the video but I would have to revert some changes I made.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #2 has more action parts than video #1.

Video #3 has a much more nicer look. There is also more views on the map layout.


May release the map for some people to try. Xfire doesn't like to send files.

I won't spoil the story for the map, it will be very intense, you'll have to find out!

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