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some more stuff thats going to be added into the mod ior already has been added....

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Just another update of things that are going to be added into the mod, well i am just going to present it into a list again:

- added points system (Todo: make entity for hammer)
- added flaregun (Todo: add into hammer)(FINSHED)
- added concussion gun or cguard in hl2 beta (Todo: finish, add into hammer)
- added crowbarx P&P version of crowbar (Todo: add into hammer)(FINSHED)
- added physgun (Todo: finish, add into hammer)
- added hopwire grenade (Todo: finish, add into hammer)

:::Future Updates:::
- add points entity for hammer
- add ironsights
- add more weapons
- fix weapon so when near them cant pick them up, have to buy instead

- thundergun (found a cool effect that could be used for the weapon)
- P&P (found some drop weapon code i could use)
- Smoke grenade (found some unused code i could use) ??? do i need to add this
- Max ammo (found a givecurrentammo command that could be used)

Well i think thats it, if you have any ideas comment below or PM me and i will add some pics (Maybe videos) of the new weapons once they are done.

I am aiming to get this mod to the point were it has two maps with working barriers, a load of weapons that all have P&P weapons all with ironsights and were you have to buy everything.

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