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Update 3 will explain the new building system and other stuff. Some Videos will be coming this week! They will show the main coding stuff i have done so far.

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Update 3:

Building System: I have decided to redo the entire building system. It will inproved the UI of the commands and make it easier for me to code new ents and stuff. I have also been working on a /remove command. When you place a ent it will tell you a ent number. To delete the ent you do /remove (ent number). I have also done a remap command.

New name: I have decided to change the name. Knights of the new Republic sounded really lame for a multiplayer mod. It also set limits because it was gonna be like Kotor. I will still include alot of features that are in Kotor. Everything i said so far will also be in The New Republic.

New Videos will be coming this week!

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