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A brief update that gives you an idea of what the story content will look like. An update on the gameplay will be coming soon along with a demo!

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The story for Haunted Emotions has been mostly laid out now, but rather than talk about what has been written down on paper (I have also discussed the story already in previous posts), I have created a video showcasing some story gameplay. The video is the first ~7 minutes of the very beginning of the game to give you a better idea of what the story gameplay will play like. It’s most likely that the dialogue/story will be altered slightly in the future. You’re welcome to laugh at the obvious bugs shown in the video (as I did):


Ink is a narrative tool (free on the Unity Asset Store) that I am using to create branching dialogues in Haunted Emotions. You can see in the video some examples of branching dialogue. At the moment the dialogue branching does not affect much other than different dialogue responses, but in the future, I will be using ink to make player dialogue choices matter.

What’s next?

Playtesting my game I have noticed the gameplay is somewhat lacking. It is fun interacting with objects and seeing how the workers react to them, but often I found myself spam clicking objects without much thought. Therefore I am going to work on improving the gameplay to make it more varied and fun by making the player think about what they are doing along with other improvements.

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