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General Alexander approves the use of the new 'Plasma Bomb.'

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Update list:

  • Removed the door locks from all Dozer units. As a result, they can be hijacked again.
  • Nuke Platform turret rotates slower.
  • Missile Platform turret rotates faster.

All USA Factions:

  • Elite infantry unit: The SEAL. Works just like Red Alert 2! Can gun down an endless amount of infantry, but will never kill a Technical. If he gets close, he can destroy any building in a single hit.
  • SEAL varies slightly per faction; Armor and Superweapon's have slightly more health.
  • The SEAL starts with the chemical suit bonus and is immune to flashbangs.
  • Lazer SEAL does slightly more damage to infantry and vehicles.
  • Does not gain stealth with veterancy, unlike the Commando Worker.


  • New unit: Omega Aurora. Flies higher than a regular plane and drops a large plasma bomb. The plasma bomb has a huge explosion radius. Packs a very long reload time however.
  • Be careful using multiple Omega Auroras. They can friendly fire each other with the explosion radius.
  • The plasma bomb does a secondary burn damage to finish off GLA Holes and infantry.
  • Its a very pretty explosion, but only if you aren't on the receiving end.
  • EMP Patriots no longer shut down vehicles with one missile. It may take two or three for larger tanks.
  • Dozer detects all stealth items instead of just mines.
  • Changed the exhaust on the Alpha Humvee to something a bit cleaner and environmentally friendly.

Chinese Main Battle Tanks:

  • Fixed initial weapon and targeting. Still requires micro to select ammo types.

China Infantry:

  • Fixed the number of infantry created from the barracks. It now creates the proper number instead of too many.

China Nuke:

  • Nuke Cannons benefit from the Fusion Reactor upgrade. It isn't a lot of extra speed, but it helps.

All GLA Factions:

  • Cash Bounty is now 20%, 40% and 60% at their respective levels.

GLA Vanilla:

  • Battle Balloons. The Battle Bus of the sky. Balloon is more expensive, takes longer to build, but comes with 8 RPG Troopers. It is significantly harder to kill as well.

GLA Salvage + Vanilla:

  • Biplanes. Like Battlefield 1.
  • Biplanes are light air units, cost $750 and are very slow.
  • Biplanes are about as effective as you would think in a war that takes place in 2020 or something.
  • They are good air combat units and have a lot of sight range to scout.
  • Against ground targets, the pilot of the Biplane throws grenades down at the enemy.
  • At vet 3 the Biplane becomes stealth.

**********Generals Challenge Changes**********


  • Reissued launch codes to Tao. The nukes now fire properly this time. (There was a small scripting mistake that basically made the waiting time before launching a missile another 6+ minutes.)


  • Added a couple extra guarding infantry.
  • Increased the amount of units per attack wave slightly.

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