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Charity! The game! and Game updates!!! :) Enjoy!!!

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Update #3


Yes I will do a charity live stream eventually! (I’ll get more info soon) but the charity that I decided to support is the SPCA! It’s an animal protection place and thought it would be good! 🙂

The game!

I added a few options in the game, like “don’t ask me again” on the screen titled “Do you want to take a break?” So you won’t get the option at the end of every floor! And you can disable it at any point by pressing the down arrow on the title screen! It will be more clear when the game comes out! I also added into the main game where you can randomly find Freakshow circus tokens in the main game! It won’t be a lot like 5-15 tokens at a time! But every little bit helps! Right? 🙂

Talk about updates now! There will be a few updates when the full game is out!

1.0 and 1.1 are the beta/demo releases!

1.2 will be the launch update! 🙂

1.3.0 will be the improvement update! It will make the game run faster and fix a few inevitable bugs!

Update 1.4 will patch the game some more and add some gameplay features! Like maybe another game mode or maybe some added lore! 🙂

There might be more updates but that’s all that I have planned for now! Thought you guys would like to know the future for the game! Lots of hard work is going into this project! I want to make it good!

Thank you guys as always for reading and everything! 🙂 See you guys in the next update! I don’t know what I’ll talk about in it but we’ll see!!



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