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It’s time to bring out the “M” in maintenance update (sorry, we just had to)!

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This time we’ve updated the game to the latest version of Unity (version 4.2) which have solved a few of our outstanding crash bugs and given us a slight performance increase on all platforms. But the big “maintenance” news is that due to the huge support we’ve received on Steam we’ve added a few more people to the team which will help us get more beefy updates out the door sooon!

Update #4 is planned for Friday next week (if everything goes according to our plans) and in this update we hope to bring you a new large outdoor map staged to simulate an atmospheric evacuation zone right at the heart of a moist swamp environment. We’ll also be working on an initial profile implementation for your combat training stats and maybe we’ll even throw in a small surprise from your subconscious...

Interstellar Marines on Steam

Version: 0.5.3 (maintenance update)
Released: 7th of August 2013Early Access Update #3


  • UPDATED: game engine to Unity 4.2 (overall better performance)
  • UPDATED: team with 2 new members (Reese and Necrosonic) and increased office map size
  • UPDATED: game to default to fullscreen native resolution on first startup (possibly fixes "black screen on startup" bug?)
  • UPDATED: OpenGL shadow filtering so shadows on OSX are just as pretty as Windows
  • UPDATED: better shadow casting performance


  • FIXED: GetThreadContext crash occurring on some Windows PCs
  • REMOVED: temporary "game crashes on quit" hotfix

Keep the great feedback coming!


Your team at Zero Point Software

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