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Patch to version 2.8b online, Gameplay video uploaded, info on ROTDs future

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For those who may have missed the updates to the last news article, patch 2.8b is now online, fixing some minor graphical glitches, adressing some gameplay and balance issues and most importantly fixing the LAN/Internet support (2.8 was accidentally released with a wrong DLL file).

I also uploaded a gameplay video some days ago. No sound unfortunately, since I had some problems with the recording program I was using, but if you want to watch me being pwned by two AIs, have a look ;)

Last but not least, I want to inform you what ROTD's future (probably) looks like:
Originally, ROTD development had more or less ended after the previous version (2.7), in favor of another project: Tiberian Dawn Xtended [sic], or just TDX for short. TDX will be an unofficial expansion pack for C&C 95/Gold, focusing on delivering 20+ top-notch singleplayer missions, refined balancing and some nice features that are currently under NDA. We had a poll at PPM asking which project people were more interested in, and TDX got ~75% of the votes, so work on ROTD 2.8 was halted in favor of TDX back in 2008.

However, TDX relies on some specific enhancements to the C&C95 engine. The progress of Nyerguds' unofficial patch 1.06c, which will deliver those enhancements, has been slower than originally anticipated, so instead of idling around waiting for it, I decided to make ROTD 2.8 back in January of this year. Now that ROTD 2.8(b) is out, I'll shift my focus back to TDX.

This doesn't mean that the development of ROTD has ended, however. There is an unofficial patch for Tiberian Sun in the works, called HyperPatch, that will fix a few engine bugs and add some new features to the TS engine. ROTD will definitely migrate to it at some point in time, but I cannot predict when that will happen. When it happens, I'll of course take the opportunity to make a few more improvements to ROTD.

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