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Today I'd like to announce two new projects. One is a new game where you run around a stylised TRON like maze and try to escape and the second is a mobile app which is just myself working out how mobile controls work with the game maker studio engine. (both projects have stalled for now because of other projects)

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The first project does not have a release date but when I complete a build that has enough features and is stable I'll release an alpha and beta. I make no promises on completion though this project is something I'm doing for fun.

The second project will get released as a tech demo as soon as I get the Android and IOS export modules; which are $99 each.

Crack It 2 is not getting any more updates/patches. THE STORY - Crack It was based off a game I built in high school called SP Bumpers. I made it because I saw a class mate playing a flash game and I wanted to make a game in the same style. After I finished SP Bumpers I started to update the graphics. This unfortunately happened twice and I also started adding in new features to the game. As a result to the modifications the game made the game bloated with redundant objects and code.
Crack It 2 was based off the code from the original Crack in an attempt to make the original game look better, have a better map editor, cut down on redundant code and objects and to fix the crash bug the game has in windows 7 and 8/8.1/8.1+SP1.

This redesign all happened at during the Game Maker 8.1 and Game Maker Studio transition and as a result the constant bugs and updates and more bugs hindered the project. I stopped working on the project for a while until Game Maker Studio became stable. I reinstalled game maker a couple of months later and entered my licence key and opened the project but because of a mistake I made entering the key Game Maker Studio decided that it would delete objects in the project. There was no "I'm not registered" warning or warning that "the program is running in free mode" so when I opened a few more builds of Crack IT 2 Game Maker Studio destroyed 5 of the latest builds of the game before I figured out what was going on. With the latest builds gone I was left with days upon days of work destroyed and I decided to can the project instead of continuing it.

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