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Another update stating new items in the future and additions happening now or that are being worked through.

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I know that there has'nt been that many pics coming up but i will get round to it soon, i have been finishing of my example map and have hardly touched GR3AVE5Y's map but i thought i will start a bit of coding yesterday so i added:

• Health Regeneration
• Points System (For buying doors and weps)
• text_multiple (Allows for a more flexible text output in hammer)

Still to do to above items:

• Add hammer entity so points can be added and removed in maps (for weapons, doors and barriers ect.)
• Test health regeneration (WORKS) :D

Well more on the points system, i am going to make it so that you can add and remove points with a input in hammer and if theres not enought points a reject output will be fired (so that no points are taken) and so the output can be used with the text entity or it could be done in code. once i have tested them i will bring up some screenshots or my example map and the new points system.

Points system & Example Map :
My Example Map

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