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Update 2 is about the new weapons as well as the base classes. It will also talk about the saber colors and how to obtain new saber colors as well as the new weapons.

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Update 2-
The current Weapon cap i believe is 19. It is possible to raise this to around 30. But there will be new weapons in KotNR. I will be putting in some more pistols, blasters, and other weapons relating to KotOR.

As you know there is already the single,duel, and double-handed saber. I will be including a short saber. There will also be new hilts and colors. The list of colors are blue, red, yellow, green, Violet, orange(darker), Viridian(a light green), silver, bronze, Cyan.

As like in KotOR there is 3 jedi classes. Sentinel, Guardian, Consular. These are gonna be the 3 classes and because like in KotOR you can use lightsabers and weapons as well as items. Each class will start out with a lightsaber color. If you want to join the dark side there will be a quest for that and you will gain the red crytsal. The Classes will be setup like this:

Sentinel: Yellow Saber
Sentinel is the cross between Guardian and Consular. There force powers and saber are even out.
Sentinel Speicals: Battle Meditation: raises force up above cap as well as increases damage and health.

Guardian: Blue Saber
Guardians are the master of the saber. They focus on saber Combat and defense.
Guardian Speicals: Protect: Protect protects the Guardian from all Combat Damage for a certain Amount of time.(this is not the regular protect in BaseJKA.)

Consular: Green Saber
Consulars are the master of the force. They focus less on physical combat for more time to gain knowledge on the force.
Consular Speicals: Force Rage:(not BaseJKA rage) Force rage will increase all force power damage as well as give the Consular more defense.

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