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Just a short update for our loyal, Patient fans. We are very close to release but we have some work left to do

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First of all Guys The Team would like to welcome Nett40 back to the modding community. Nett has come back to help the team release this new version.

We are very close to releasing the full Version 4 but we have a few things to finish up.

This is most of what we have done so far since version 3
Game Play

-Projectiles have been adjusted a bit for more realistic game effects and some CIS ships were given Flak turrets

-The Equal Footing GC has been renamed The Clone Wars and about 40
planets were removed and replaced with Clone wars era planets.-The Origin of Corruption GC has been replaced with the Battlefront GC-We are still planning more GC maps including one based on the 2004 Cartoon that will not be ready until Version 5

-All Planets were repositioned to their Canon locations according to
source books however the other GC maps will need to be worked on or
removed because the planets in those are all very far from each other.

-Many of the planets have newer better looking indiginous unit icons thanks to Genofan3

-Corruption has been disabled and the pirates scaled down to 3 or 4 planets.

-Pirates were made Weequay Pirates and given Speeder tanks seen in the
show. Their vehicle factory has been changed to spawn the speeder tank.

-CIS heavy factory now spawns Enforcer Tank instead of the dreaded hail fire.

-The overall game play has been shifted toward Infantry with the B1's
being the CIS favorite for production and the maps having many areas for
infantry to use.

-A few maps have been designed and coded as Infantry only. Rishi Moon, Mustafar, and Skytop station

-Indiginous units are slowly being changed to their correct factions and
Male Twi'leks, Neimodians and Coruscant Guard have been added so far-Tuk'ata have been put on Korriban as seen in Knights of the Old Republic

-Many non functioning hardpoints on vehicles and starships were fixed and fire now. AT-TE and AAT being a few

-Many more Indiginous units are being added as we get to them for all the custom planets

-FlyingDonuts is making a new GUI for the whole mod so it truely looks like a new game

-Many of the heroes have new sounds

-I have and continue to spend a lot of time editing text in the game to better fit the time period.

We have several new CIS heroes

-Savage Oppress for land only

-Assaj now has a land model from a reskin on Darth revan and her Fighter is now working correctly in space battles

-Whorm Loathsom has been added with a company of AAT's and NR-99 Enforcer Tanks

-Admiral trench has been added to replace Lok Durd

Republic heroes

- Delta Squad is a minor hero

-Commander Cody Ph 1 and a model for Ph2 that still needs to be coded

-Captain Rex although he doesn't look the best. A WIP

-Commander Gree P1 and Ph 2

-Plo Koon has a new model because the last one was buggy and we have wolf pack troops added as an escort

-Aayla has been reskined in her proper Blue Color

-Anakin was replaced with a better model although his skin still seems to be having some issues

New Units:


-Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser

-Light Cruiser from The Clone wars series

-P1 clones now have proper ranks. Ph1 green company and torrent company buildable at company size (only one at a time)

-Ph2 build able in platoon strength at Tech 5 - 212th, 187th, Galactic
Marines, 41st Elite, 501st, and 2nd Airborne company (only 4 airborne
platoons may be built)

- Spha-T

-The IFT-X

-Scout Trooper was replaced with the BARC trooper

-Interdictor Cruiser was added

-Trandoshian Merc squads recruitable in limited numbers at Cantina's

-B3 Ultra Battledroid available to build in small numbers because they were limited production models

-Droideka MK1 was added replacing the MK2 from the vanilla game.

-The Lucrehulk was replaced

-Recuscant and Munificent have been replaced with models from
Thomas39120 and the Providence will be replaced

-The CIS C-9979 Transport is being added but it will need a reskin

Planned changes

-We are still working to model new props for the maps and finish the Homing Spider droid

-Delta289 and myself (a little have been making clone Wars era changes
to the existing maps from the game or just redoing the maps as we see
the need so all our maps look more as they should in this time period

-We are also looking to do newer structures, turrets and space stations so the mod is truly custom.

I had to make a whole new Mygeeto map because the last one I did had some kind of error and would not work when tested in game.

-We are mostly sticking to The Clone wars series for the mod but we are
using inspiration from the 2004 Cartoon, Battlefront 1 and 2, Republic
Commando and even a little from the comics KOTOR and TFU-We have the model and skin for Death watch but we still need to code them in.-We are working on making new better models for Obi-Wan and Anakin


why do we always forget the homing spider droid?, we've been working on it for two motherf*cking years, and thats 2 years too long

i thought my constent asking of what the status of "spidey" is would finally be loged in our brains by now.

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"Homing Spider Droid" oh man, this is gonna be awesome... OPEN THE HATCH!!! -an entire army of "Homing Spider Droids" pop out and start hunting Obi Wan- >:3

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Are you going to fix the scales and Droideka, also what about the AT-TE base building, the CIS loses its Hailfires so I think they should lose that. Its still the FoC model V.V

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Excited for the Death Watch hehe

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I hope you will make vanilla commandos

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hurray no corruption.... i am forever in ur gratitude, tht reli grinds my gears

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Everyone hates corruption

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Awaesome plans for further versions, but one thing I'd like to request: Lok Durd, he really should be in the mod, like you showed in previous pics, but he should get his Defoliator mega-gun- mounted AAT. Doesn't *have* to be in any time soon, but he should be included at some point, please. Good luck in your plans!

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we dont have a moddeler that could make the gun currently, so we had to throw him out.

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Homing Spider Droid must be a heavy vehicle.

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could you ever add in that one 3 legged 3 cannoned droid as seen on Christophis (forget how to spell)

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Ozzy667 Author

We plan to

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Insanely good job guys!!!

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