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Update 20 consists of basically no new content but some fixes for old content.

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Hey there. This update is pretty small. I've been busy with work and stuff, but here's some challenge fixes.

Cool Stuff:

  • Added the first custom singleplayer mission. It can be found in the Addons section.
  • It's a stealth mission for Update 20 and anything afterwards.
  • You are the last remaining unit in a failed attack operation.
  • Gather the Intel and gtfo.
  • Uses scripting to create a true-line-of-sight mechanic for infantry units.
  • Played in letterbox mode for extra cinematic feel.

Misc. Fixes:

  • Reduced Omega Aurora health
  • Nerfed Leech tank damage and armor. Critical mass should be harder to reach.
  • Various other armor fixes that I didn't write down because I'm bad.
  • Basilisk gets an extra chunk of health.


  • Fixed some science usage.
  • Toned down attack waves slightly.
  • Fixed one or two attack scripts.


  • Added science uses such as Skydivers.
  • Added some Leech tanks to various attack teams.
  • Infantry and Vehicle training sciences will be granted eventually.


  • Lightened some early attack waves.
  • Scud Storm is built slightly later.
  • Replaced some Stinger Sites with Anti-tank Redoubts.


  • Decreased the number of Golem Object 279 tanks on the field.
  • Reduced Kirov spam by replacing some with Helix's again.
  • Included more Main Battle Tanks as a means for fast attacks.
  • Increased the number of base defenses required before the AI sends V4 Launchers.


  • Fixed science usage.
  • Generals abilities should be deployed on a set point in the central part of your base instead of a map corner.
  • Added AA Boat triggers for aircraft spam.

General Grandpa Townes:

  • Lightened some attack waves.
  • Added additional paths for Burton to take (assuming they work).


  • Reduced the amount of aircraft spam slightly.
  • Reworked ground attack teams.
  • Reduced number of scumbag artillery used.

Wew sounds like a balances

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So I am a little confused here , ShockWave Chaos mod is the same thing as SHW Good Balance Mod or what ? I did download SHWGoodBalanceMod (160mb) but didn't find any download for something called chaos mod

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Have you tried this link: This is the most recent version of the Chaos mod...

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Splinterus Author

That is chaos mod...

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