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Updating the followers, update 2.0 will be out in a few months currently redoing some of the thoughts on Star Bases.

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Currently in testing is the TEC which might change how you have always viewed star bases:
- XP for star base kill is 1k now. (Defend them)
- Max weapons / defense upgrades. ( 2 main weapons / 1 AA weapon)
- Longer Build Times
- High armor but weaker shields.
- 4 New abilities planned 2 being worked out currently.
- Jobs - This ability will have 3 upgrades which will increase the population on the station by 50 per level.
- Trader Hub - This ability will replace the trade ship ability for the star base and increase trade by 2.0 per lvl 3 levels max.

The focus I have for TEC is going to be a credit producer and money maker. Star Bases will have more straight forward role without wasting credits, metal, crystal. They will have some upgrades that will cost way less to upgrade. The TEC will be a merchants dream as they will collect the credits quick and spend them as fast, but you will not want to rely on a TEC station for absolute defense.

The Vasari will be changed around a good bit as well. They will be quite offensive driven along with Metal champions. One idea is boosting metal gained from asteroids with an ability.

The Advent will be more defensive driven, with perhaps being able to collect crystal on an higher level then the other races.

-- As a test to make sure no star base will be OP compared to another, I have them blasting each other to see if a balance is created. I am more interested to hear your idea's of how big a fleet should be when taking out a star base?

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